Tour Calabria - emozioni ed esperienze indimenticabili in Calabria

Tour Calabria

Enjoy Summer & Winter Calabria 2024

Tour Calabria is a journey of emotions amidst crystalline sea, wild landscapes, and enveloping traditions

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Calabria, a sun-kissed region in the heart of Southern Italy, offers an unforgettable tourist experience. For those wishing to explore the fascinating Aeolian Islands, starting from Tropea and Vibo Marina is an extraordinary journey. Through well-organized maritime connections, visitors can immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters and breathtaking panoramas of these volcanic islands.

The Coast of the Gods, with its white sandy beaches and majestic cliffs, becomes even more enchanting with private and group boat tours departing from Tropea. Sailing along the coast, one dives into an atmosphere of pure beauty, with suggestive stops at Capo Vaticano or Zambrone. These maritime excursions not only offer spectacular views but also the opportunity to swim in secret bays and explore hidden caves, creating indelible memories for travelers.

For adventure enthusiasts, Calabria is a goldmine of trekking opportunities. The three national parks of Aspromonte, Pollino, and Sila, along with the regional park of Serre, offer breathtaking itineraries through wild and untouched landscapes. From mountain peaks to deep gorges, every step is a journey into pristine nature. Trails immersed in local flora and fauna provide unique emotions, making trekking an unforgettable experience for those seeking an authentic connection with the beauty of Calabria.

In Calabria, tourism becomes a journey through history, nature, and culture. From the Aeolian Islands to boat tours along the Coast of the Gods, to trekking adventures in national parks, every corner reveals a surprising beauty that captivates and conquers the hearts of travelers, making Calabria a destination to be fully experienced.